5 Spy Cameras Hidden in Everyday Objects

Technology has come on in leaps and bounds in the last 20 years. In that time, we’ve seen a massive boost in electronics miniaturization, meaning all of our gadgets are becoming very powerful despite being comparatively small in size. One of the industries that has benefited most by miniaturization is the security sector, where you can now easily buy tiny spy cameras hidden in everyday objects.

As a consumer, you can now buy spying devices that, once upon a time, were only available to government agencies and military groups. We’re talking about some seriously impressive (yet frightening!) gadgets here. To show you what I mean, I’ll now share with you 5 of the most recent innovations in spy camera technologies, which conceal a high-resolution spy camera in an object you’d never look at twice.

Spy camera in a Clock

This attractive and unobtrusive alarm clock actually features a pinhole spy camera in the middle of the speaker area. Since the speaker looks completely natural, you could put this camera in an office or a bedroom without drawing any attention whatsoever. Impressively, the camera is capable of recording up to 12 hours of video on to an internal SD card.

Spy camera in a Solar Powered Plant Pot gadget

Novelty solar-powered desk gadgets are still as popular as they’ve ever been, but have become cheaper due to the reduced cost of solar panels. The spy camera in a solar kinetic desk plant houses a high-resolution spy camera in an object that would look completely natural on your desk, or even on a window-sill. This means the camera could easily spy on a large open area, without drawing any attention at all. The spy camera is able to detect motion, storing the video on an internal SD card. When you want to extract the video, you just plug it into your computer and download it.

Spy camera in a coat hook

Now we’re moving on to some really small spy gadgets, with a spy camera hidden inside a coat hook. The hook could be placed anywhere on the wall in a room or the back of the wall. If a coat or jacket was put on the hook, the camera lens is just about able to see over the hook. However, my suggestion would be to use it to hold a clipboard or paperwork, so that the camera can easily record what’s going on in the room, without the risk of it being covered up.

Spy camera in a watch

The spy watch is just like something out of a James Bond movie, as the camera is very portable and discrete. You can wear the watch anywhere, meaning you can use it at home, at an office, for undercover work, and more. Amazingly, this is another high-definition spy camera, recording video up to resolutions of 1920 x 1080 pixels. If you look closely at the product, you’ll see that the camera lens is just above where the number 6 digit would be (this watch shows seconds rather than hours on the face).

Spy camera in a pair of glasses

Finally, we get to my favorite of all of these spy gadgets, as you’ve got a spy camera hidden in a pair of glasses. The camera features a 1.3 megapixel camera and is able to record audio from up to 2 meters away too. So you could be walking around doing mobile surveillance at the beach, in the city, or at a meeting, or perhaps at an interview. The applications are endless. Out of all covert spy glasses, this is by far the most discreet pair that I’ve seen yet. Most other glasses are too chunky, and therefore too obvious.

So there you go, 5 every-day objects where you would n’t think to look for a spy camera. These fascinating gadgets are no longer confined to the realms of the movies, and you can buy yourself, usually for around $150 or so!

Author Bio: Dan Harrison has been studying and collecting spy gadgets for over 15 years, and writes about the latest covert spy cameras. He also once designed custom surveillance equipment for private detectives, specializing in covert listening devices.

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