Top 7 Alternatives for Apple iPad

iPad is no longer going to enjoy the non-competitive environment of being the only tablet PC in the market so far; nevertheless, they will retain the joy of being the first PC and the embarking of this technological advancement, which no one can change. 2011, is going to get tougher for iPad as its competitors seems to be increasing in numbers as many of the popular brands are introducing their share of tablet PCs, which are many a times on par with iPad, and some of them are very good alternatives for iPad, especially for the price to be paid.

1. Acer Iconia Tab A500

Being released with Verizon Wireless, this tablet comes with the blazing 4G LTE connectivity, while some of the other features includes a 10” Android 3.0 powered tablet, which will surely make you happy for the money that you have paid. Some of the other interesting features of this tablet PC are the presence of an HDMI port, confirming the capacity to capture HD videos, USB ports, and 5 MP camera at the rear and a 2MP camera in the front. Besides, Acer gives a treat by preloading the system with Clear.Fi media sharing software.

2. Asus Eee Pad Slider

This tablet PC has been exclusively designed for increasing your typing speed, giving the credit to slide-out QWERTY keyboard, Nvidia Tegra 2 power and has two cameras – 1.2 MP on the front and 5 MP on the rear side. Besides this tablet is powered with Android 3.0 and the size of the display screen is 10”, which also runs on ASUS’s own customized MyWave interface.

3. BlackBerry Playbook

This one will not give you a heart to leave out, if you happened to read in detail the configurations of this tablet PC in detail. However, for now, some of the most highlightable performance are that this posses a dual-core processor and a multitasking-friendly interface that has a cutting edge on the software with full FLASH support and dual HD video cameras.

4. HP Touch Pad

This is another piece of tablet PC that one could not resist for this stands with pride as they carry the big brand name. Some of the impressive features of this are 1.2 GHz, a dual core processor, running on webOS 3.0, a front-facing camera and has Beats Audio that are interoperatable with webOS paired phones.

5. LG G Slate

It is quite a surprise that LG is getting ahead in this electronic market by making use of the latest technologies to make life as good as possible. Now they have ventured into the tablet PC market, which is somewhat different from the rest that they have the 3D option screen, allowing you to record 3D video. Despite they have a much smaller screen of 8.9” display, which is powered using Tegra 2 processor, and has been nicknamed as G-slate.

6. Motorola XOOM

If iPad is not going to have a competitor, then this is the one and has been spoken of so much in the mobile market, that a brief note of this tablet PC is more than enough. This was one of the first Android 3.0 tablet that came to Verizon Wireless that was launched with improved multi-tasking, improved and interactive widgets and tabbed web browsing. I got this gadget out of my hard earnings from my weight watchers and ediets blog, I feel it is worth the money spent. The hardware component of this PC includes a Tegra 2 processor, 10.1” display and a front facing camera.

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10. 1

This tablet has been in controversy with Apple, and a law suit is going on, which clearly shows that they are on par with iPad. This tablet PC has been much appreciated for this being light in weight and can go with you over a long way, containing Android 3.0, Tegra 2 processor and comes in two editions, 16 GB and 32 GB memory. It is also powered with stereo speaker, aiming mostly for entertainment, 8 MP camera that can capture 1080p quality video, and front facing 2 MP camera for video chat, strongly supported by GTalk.

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