Google Launches New Social Networking Platform Google+

Google announced their entry into the world of social networking. The new social networking project is called Google+ and it is designed around users’ social circles and lets users selectively share with specific groups within their personal network, rather than sharing with all their social connections at once.

Google+ features have been split up into four sub-services that leading to specific aspects of social networking. The sub-services are +Circles, +Sparks, +Hangouts and +Mobile, each sub-services for typical online communication between friends, sharing and liking items, meeting up in real-life, and mobile accessibility respectively.

In circle you will get the ability to interact with those people. You can share images, links or articles. In Sparks (similar to Twitter hash tags) you will allow to speek up conversations with people in your Circles. Also Google + has a video chat service built in that is know as Hangouts. You can share content via mobile application available for Android, your photos and videos upload automatically to a private album on Google+.  You need to decide who to share them with. Google+ also feaure Huddle, which allows for group chatting on mobile devices.

Google+ service is currently in a “trial field period” and only those invited can get to use it. More details about Google+ on coming posts, stay tuned.

Go to Official Google+ Page Here

Watch the video on Google+ below:



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