Best 5 online currency converters

When you do a Google keyword search for online currency converters, there are a number of currency converters, which are useful for converting currency to the equivalent amount of another currency. Here we have discussed a few of the popular online currency converters that might come in handy for your use.

1.XE Universal Currency Converter:

XE Universal Currency Converter is one of the most extensive websites offering more than currency conversion alone. They deal with all portals of Forex trading and help you to transfer money safely, currency encyclopedia, gives accurate rates for the currency in question. Nevertheless, this currency converter website also has widgets, which allows you to download the applications down to your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android devices. There is much more information that you will be getting form this application.

Download: XE Universal Currency Converter

2.Yahoo Currency Converter:

When you are using Yahoo Currency Converter, you are also provided with the following information, 5-day trends, a pocket guide of the currency rates so that you are not in need to calculate the currency conversion from dollars to Euros and similarly from Euros to dollars. The currency conversion comes with concurrent tab called currency investing, which gives you the rates for currency sales and purchase. The currency converter is set up initially for USD to Euros.

Download: Yahoo Currency Converter

3.FXTOP Online currency Converter:

This online currency converter helps you to figure out how to trade currencies, with a quick glance of the value of the money that you have in hand to a number of currencies of other countries. There are fixed twelve currencies, and unfixed three columns to choose the country of your choice.

Download: FXTOP Online Currency Converter

4.Oanda Currency Converter:

This is another popular currency conversion tool that has the name and credibility of being the most trusted currency converting website tool by many of the major corporations, tax authorities, auditing firms and individuals around the world. Using this online currency conversion tool this is possible to visualize the market trend of the US dollars, for the past 30 days or 60 days or 90 days, and also get to know the value of the currency for purchase and sales separately.

Download: Oanda Currency Converter

5.Google Currency converter:

This is not much of an inviting currency converting tool, but this does the job of only converting the currency to the desired country’s currency, which falls under the Finance section. The tool is also not much optimized for website and is located as a small converter tool on the top left hand corner of the currency tool. Thus this currency converter is one of the easy to use currency converting tool and does nothing more than what you expect.

Download: Google Currency converter

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