How To Find And Recover Your Stolen Digital Camera

These days many of us are using Digital Cameras for professional and personal photography. Digital camera price is also varying based on quality of image and functions. So you need to take care of your digital camera. If some one stolen your digital camera what will you do ?. Here we are going to show you one service  that helps you to track your stolen digital camera and recover it back. This tutorial will help you very much.

StolenCameraFinder checks for the EXIF  Information embedded in your photos to search in the entire data base of the photos. stolencamerafinder can help you find out where it is now.

How It works ?

Stolen Camera finder is a web-based services. It reads the EXIF data from the photos. Every photo you take with your digital camera contains hidden information about both the image and the camera such as the make, model and date. This information, called exif data, can also include a unique serial number which identifies your camera. After dropping the photos into the website then the search engine find the photos which is took by the same camera.

If you not find any photos in search engine and you have alternative way to find by entering your camera’s serial number. stolencamerafinder searching in internet for photos and collecting the serial numbers of the cameras that took them and automatically updated and indexed in the stoencamerafinder’s database. It’s best way to search your stolen cameras.

Check Stolen Camera finder Here

Note: Before going to search Please check with Supporting Camera List here

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  1. doesn’t help you find out if a 2nd hand camera you wish to buy is stolen – now that would be really useful