New Opera is Launched – Perfect for Slow Connections

Opera released the Opera 11.10 browser, the newest update to Opera’s desktop browser codenamed “Barracuda”. Opera 11.10 beta has been launched to bring additional speed and ease of use for both consumers and developers. Opera Turbo feature in Opera 11.10 can boost browsing speeds by four times or more. Opera 11.10 also has other attractive features such as support for CSS3, Google WebP protocol, and Web Open Font Format or WOFF.

Speed Dial makes it easier and faster to access your favorite sites. The new browser gives you an unlimited number of dials to customize.Instead of the standard 3×3 or 4×4 setup, the location of the tiles adjust dynamically depending on your window dimensions. There is also a zoom option to manipulate the size of her thumbnail image.

In new WebP codec it looks better than ever. Images shown in Opera turbo look almost as good as the originals.It help browser to reduce web page lding time. In Opera turbo mode images compress by opera server. Opera Turbo allows you to compress pages for faster loading, so it’s great if you want to save bandwidth or are on a slow connection. See Images :

Download New Opera 11.10 From Here

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