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Each and every file that you have deleted from your computer is still present in some sort of way, and this compromises your overall security and privacy. Deleting a file normally does not remove it completely. The only way to securely clean a file is by overwriting all the data with new digits at least for few times.

If you care for your computer privacy, you should be aware that your hard disk or USB storage device may still have valuable information stored inside such as Private Pictures, Chat Logs or Confidential Business Documents. Using file recovery software products, anyone can easily recover and extract sensitive information these files.

What Is Freeze Burn?

This software is developed by Reohix. Thanks to Reohix for Freeze Burn’s simple user interface. With Freeze Burn you can safely and easily wipe private data in just a matter of minutes. It contain a complex binary overwriting algorithm and several other options such as File Re-namer and Overwrite Multiplier, Freeze Burn makes sure that destroyed data is never recoverable or readable in any way using any recovering technology.

Featured Benefits

– Securely delete files containing sensitive data to make them unrecoverable in any way, using any technology.

– Works on almost every file format including office files, PDF documents, text files, executable files, and images.

– Deletes files from external storage devices such as pen drives, external hard disks, and media cards.

– Uses a simple wizard interface that walks you through every step required, making Freeze Burn extremely easy to use.

How to Get Free Serial Key [ Unlimited Keys]

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