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Fresh RAM 5 develop by Reohix is a brilliant memory optimization tool. It provides detailed information on running processes and memory (RAM). It improved the speed of my computer when I tested it, and at last look is was only $14.95. Fresh RAM uses complicated memory analysis algorithms to free up your RAM making more memory available to your games and applications therefore, improving your computer’s performance without any additional hardware expenses.


  • Improve your computer’s performance drastically by optimizing the free memory available to Windows and applications.
  • Enable applications and games to run faster and more smoothly by allowing them to utilize as much RAM as possible.
  • Advanced automatic optimization options make sure that free memory is always available when you need it most.
  • Enhance your Microsoft Windows XP performance even further with additional system tweaks.
  • Identify which processes consume the most memory so you can learn how to maximize your system resources.

How to get licence key [ Unlimited ]

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