Mobile Number Portability Service Launched in India [ Features, Rules, Procedure ]

Mobile number portability has finally arrived in india,Now the Indian mobile users can switch between mobile operators without changing their current number. This option giving the freedom to users rather than mobile operators. Well, for now you can switch only within your existing telecom circle.

Those who are don’t know about Mobile Number Portability (MNP), it is a  service using which a mobile  phone subscriber can change from one operator to another without having to change mobile number. For example, you can select Docomo services on your Airtel number or vice-versa.

Important FAQs related to MNP

Send an SMS: PORT<space>Mobile Number (that is to be ported) to 1900 ,

For ex. PORT 9325003811

You will get a 8 digit unique porting code (UPC) instantly as a SMS.

Send this SMS to operator you want to migrate to quoting the unique code. This code is valid only for a few days, and have to be applied again if it expires.

You can switch the operator within the state only,you cannot do it for the other state operators. example: If you have a Goa state sim card you can switch with the operators in Goa state only.

After consulting with your existing operator, new operator will move your number in a maximum of 4 days.

As the process of switching begins from one operator to other,your number wont be active for at-least 2 hours.

You can switch operators multiple times but you should use a minimum of 90 days each time.

Documents you need to submit

– Completely  filled CAF form with UPC code details

– Copy of valid Address and Identity proof

– Copy of last bill paid to current service provider (If you are a postpay customer)

Charges for Porting Mobile Number

As per TRAI, any telecom operator can charge a maximum of Rs. 19 only.

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