How to Create Virtual Desktops in Windows 7

You want to run multiple applications at the same time with out cluttering your desktop.Microsoft has created a Power plug-in for Windows 7 called “Virtual Desktop”. With Virtual Desktop you can create 4 individual desktops. You can even view all 4 desktops at once to see what application is running on each desktop.  It comes as a slef executable file, there is no installation need, you could even carry it with your USB drive.

You can switch desktops by clicking on the tray icon or by using the hot keys. It is not possible to move application from one desktop to another desktop. Desktops is not compatible with some application that doesn’t like multiple instances.

I’m using one desktop for browsing, second one for manage my blog, third one for chat and fourth one for music and videos, without clutter of windows.

[Download Virtual Desktop Here]

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