What is VPN How VPN Work

VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) using for security in internet networks. It will provide long distance connectivity, between multiple offices of a company by providing secure data transfer and encryption.It can provide security in your video conferencing, as well as data transfer. It reduces the costs for establishment and maintaining long distance networks. Totally VPN service containing more advantages than normal networks.

What is VPN ?

A virtual private network ( VPN )is a special type of wide area network (WAN), which establish connectivity without using leased private lines and makes use of the Internet. It uses the established Internet network, for remote connectivity between long distance offices, workstations or networks. VPN has its own set of softwares, protocols and security constructs which make secure connectivity possible.

How VPN Work ?

Normally user double clicks on a software shortcut and the VPN connection window appears. Then user enters a username and password and press connect, the VPN connection is immediately established. Once users are connected to the office network over VPN, they can access files and other resources. After their work press ” Disconnect ” button for disconnect PC from VPN network.

In order to use VPN, your Internet connection should have a static IP address. For establishing of a VPN connection, a secure tunnel is established between VPN server and client. A VPN tunnel is known as a special type of link between a VPN server and a client. The datas transported through the VPN network follows different protocol rules that encrypt the datas over its journey to the VPN server. In the time of reception at the VPN server, the data is again decrypted. Tunnel is a dedicated and secure connection maintained between the VPN server and remote computer. A VPN tunnel may be voluntary or compulsory. Protocols used for VPN tunneling are Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and Internet Protocol Security (Ipsec).

Advantages of VPN

  • VPN network providing secure data transfer and encryption.
  • It reduces the costs involved in maintaining long distance networks.
  • VPN is useful for remote access.
  • VPN allow Access to Mobile Users.
  • Several ports for VPN connection (ports: 1194, 53, 5190)
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