Android To Become Largest Mobile OS ?

Google moving faster with their Android mobile OS. Surely nobody can further comment, because major  mobile production companies  like samsung, LG , Sony , HTC etc. are already stated using android in their mobile phones. Android also getting good response from users. Many mobile manufacturers are preferring Android OS currently. Google already started android market for apps download. Users can download lot of apps from android market.

Android have  different versions,also releasing updates. Different software manufactures already released android compatible version of their softwares. Android currently running in Net book and Tablet PCs. Researches by some companies found android market share growing very fast. Analysts also said half a billion people will be using the Google Android operating system by end of 2014. If it is true nokia will come under pressure to change their strategy if innovation does not materialise on the Symbian platform. If nokia joins with android ? No doubt,android will take 80% of market. Then we also needs to change our handsets. Hmm.. We will wait and see 🙂