Tips and Tricks for Lowering the Monthly Expenses

It is hard to make your dollars stretch in today’s economy. Gas prices continue to rise, wages stay the same, and daily expenses are sky rocketing. Fortunately there are a few tips and tricks that will help you lower your monthly bills.


Cable TV has become so expensive that a “cut the cord” movement has taken hold. Many people are now relying on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu for their entertainment. For a fraction of the cost, you will get all the most popular shows and movies. Hulu Live even offers your local channels and the top cable networks for much less than cable.


Although you don’t want to eliminate insurance, you can lower the cost. Ask your agent about raising your deductible in order to lower your health insurance premiums. You can also search online for the cheap car insurance lodi ca agents are offering.


Remember the old phrase “Father knows best?” There was a reason he kept after you and your siblings to turn off the lights and TV when you aren’t using them and to quit wasting water. He was simply trying to keep the monthly utility bills affordable. You can do the same by reducing your own water and electric usage.


For many families, the grocery bill is as much or more than the house payment each month. Shop according to where the best sales are, and take advantage of store promotions like Walmart’s Savings Catcher that reimburses you if an area store has a lower price on items you have bought.

Using these tips and tricks to lower your monthly expenses will help make your money stretch a little further. Whether you are trying to increase your bank account, save for something special, or simply make it through each month without going into debt, cutting costs on TV, insurance, utilities, and groceries will help you reach your financial goals.