How to Protect Your Children from Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

Both home and work environments can exposure people and pets to unhealthy electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and pollution. The fields created, known as electromagnetic fields (EMF), are known health hazards to humans and other mammals. According to medical researchers and physicians at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), almost half of the people in first world countries suffer EMR effects on some level.

EMF Meter

Electromagnetic field and radio frequency EMF meters can help affected people to manage risk from EMR. Although people can’t sense or see electromagnetic radiation, it’s everywhere. Mobile phones and devices using wireless access to the Internet (Wi-Fi) surrounds people in daily work and home life. Some of the symptoms of EMR include frequent headaches, irritability, insomnia, fatigue, skin eruptions and irritations, and difficulty in maintaining concentration. In addition, treating symptoms of an unknown cause costs individuals, families, and businesses millions of dollars each year.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields, sometimes called electro-hypersensitivity, may present as an allergy-like reaction. Individuals who use electrical or wireless devices suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity most often.

However, people of all ages with varying levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields are seen more frequently by doctors. Sadly, doctors often can’t diagnose the problems of these individuals because electromagnetic sensitivity is seldom considered as a causal factor.

Children Considered at Highest EMR Risk

Researchers say that a host of serious illnesses may occur from frequent exposure to EMR in work and home environments. Children are considered at highest risk of suffering EMR effects because they are smaller than adults.

Young children are at highest risk because of rapid brain and motor development in the first four years of life. Older children exposed to EMR may have learning disabilities because the ability to concentrate in class and on school work is affected. EMR may be directly related to:

• Children’s behavioral problems
• Fidgety, restless behavior, linking ADD/ADHD, autism, and EMR

Child-like curiosity can also increase EMR exposure risk and, as a result, children face higher risks of suffering genetic damage, cancer, or other serious illness.

Unhealthy EMR Levels

People of all ages are frequently exposed to unhealthy EMR risks even if they don’t personally use wireless technologies at home. Most businesses use wireless devices. WiFi is frequently available at restaurants or in the public or school library as well.

EMR can damage the health of some individuals. It’s essential for individuals, families, and businesses to consider the health impact through education and appropriate monitor of EMR.

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