UFO Sightings Continue To Mount

Many individuals insist that UFOs and UFO sightings are all a bunch of malarkey; they are convinced that reported sightings and encounters are either fabricated, easily explained natural phenomena, or man-made objects. However, there is a constant flow of new sighting reports, many with photos or video. A good number of them are reported by reputable, reasonable law enforcement personnel, military personnel and professional airline pilots. In addition, sightings have also been reported by American presidents and other political figures. Furthermore, reports and sightings are not exclusive to the United States; sightings and other encounters have been reported from locations around the world.

Naturally, the Internet has a steady eye on the UFO phenomenon. There are many sites like http://www.mufon.com, for example, that do nothing but focus on UFOs and the latest UFO sightings. They store data in warehouses and in databanks as references to the latest UFO activity as well as for research purposes. Despite the fact that many individuals doubt the veracity of reports and sighting, incident reports continue to mount with daily reports from average citizens as well as those in a professional capacity from the seven continents.


It is difficult to not believe when sightings are described in detail by airline pilots who are experienced and highly knowledgeable about flying aircraft. Natural skepticism aside, one has to wonder what a professional airline pilot has to gain from a false UFO report. Their reputation, and even their ability to perform their job safely, come into question; yet those who report sightings are adamant and secure about what they saw.

Even television has jumped on the bandwagon in a big way. Several cable TV channels have programming on a weekly basis devoted to UFOs and extraterrestrial lifeforms. With the ever-growing interest and equally growing list of reported incidents, it is no wonder that the Internet is a veritable fount of UFO information. Worldwide interest in the future and history of our planet with regards to UFO activity is not just a passing phase; we are all wondering if the truth is out there.