Is Your Phone Obsolete? Finding Accessories for Your Older Devices

Although your carrier service may not support certain telephones anymore, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your device is obsolete. Many people love their current units and see no reason to upgrade. The problem that some of these individuals are having is being able to purchase accessories tailored to these older phones. Luckily, businesses such as Libratel Inc. support a wide variety of products for those devices that are less than brand new.



Before you get frustrated by new accessories not displaying compatibility with your device, take into consideration that many of these are universal. For example, most 3.5mm sockets for headphones will support virtually any set that has the 3.5mm jack. This means that headsets that say are for iPhone may still work in your older Android unit providing the connections are the same.


Many older units are still supported by certain kinds of chargers. An example of this is seen in products such as LG and Samsung that use a USB 2.0 Micro Type B connection. Many older LG systems from the mid 2000s used the same connector and can use those new charging units.

Just because you’re using a five-year old phone doesn’t mean you’re alienated when it comes to accessories. Many devices of today can still work in those older units. Research the component you’re looking for before you get frustrated by a lack of options. You may be surprised to find out that your phone can still be of great use.