Review of Bitdefender Internet Security Tool

You have a computer with internet connection, and you went all out to maximize the surfing experience by browsing at will. Suddenly, your system starts misbehaving by flashing some obscure pop-ups or some of the features of it have been locked down or you receive a mail in the inbox that money has been spent from your account for some online purchases which you have not done at all.

No doubt that your system has been infested with malicious viruses injected through the net surfing that you have done without knowing what is happening behind the screens. Now, what to do? How to bring back the system to normalcy? How to remove those viruses from the computer? – So many questions for which finding the right answers can take away valuable productive hours from you.


So, why not you think about having a powerful protection as a preventive measure than trying to cure the viruses!

If you have started thinking on these lines then you are doing the right thing and never delay it in trying to find out the perfect anti-virus software. Bitdefender Antivirus which has been acclaimed as the Product of the Year is the perfect match for your internet security needs.

Inside Bitdefender Internet Security

The under-the-hood features of Bitdefender are:

  • Pop-up blocker

Pop-ups are quite misleading when you are not aware of how they work. Many hackers use them to prompt the innocent users with a false virus threat messages and force them to click on it to install the so-called ‘free anti-virus software’. Thus pop-ups become the vassals of hackers to install malware. Bitdefender acts like a blocker when a pop-up stares at you and acts upon it with the built-in anti-popup decisions.

  • Effective & highly secured two-way firewall

Firewall is the first line of defense to ensure the safety of the computer and the data. Bitdefender puts up two lines of firewall defense around your system and does not allow the suspicious software tools by-pass them. This firewall works with Wi-Fi systems as well thus giving you a great value addition.

  • SafePay feature

Online shopping is beneficial in many ways. You get fabulous discounts, free home delivery etc. at the cozy comfort of your home. Hackers know the loopholes that sometime may appear in online shopping modules and capitalize on them immediately. Bitdefender comes to your rescue with its trademark service called SafePay with which your online transactions are done through highly secured webpages.

  • Excellent privacy protection

Honestly speaking everyone including the most outgoing personalities wish to maintain certain amount of privacy. Today we have two identities i.e. one in the real world and another in the virtual world. This has just doubled our efforts of maintaining the privacy in both the worlds. By having Bitdefender Internet Security 2014, you can relieve yourself from the labors of virtual world privacy matters.

  • Cloud based anti-spam protection for email accounts.

One complete stranger sends a mail to you by saying that he/she has inherited 10 million pounds of wealth and wish to make you the immediate heir of this fortune. Some other company would irritate you by sending unwanted promotional mails. Few mails carry malicious attachments and viruses. Bitdefender protects your mail account from all such fraudulent spamming mails with its Cloud based spam assassin technology.

Last but most important

Bitdefender is a no-nonsense and non-intrusive anti-virus tool that works silently in the background and allows you to concentrate on your core job.

Don’t try it but buy it to reap the great benefits of perfect protection, secured transactions and privacy maintained.

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