How to Monitor and Control Internet Access

In this emerging digital world more and more companies are seeing the importance of being able to control and track employee’s internet usage. The internet is an amazing source for collect information and entertainment. It is also helps peoples to do communication with one another from all over the world. According to study surveys, the average employee spends over an hour a day for using the Internet for personal reasons. Use ranges widely from accessing pornographic and social networking sites to playing games and instant messaging friends and co-workers. Employees are using company’s computer systems to access the internet for personal use and most employees do not realize that this activity can lead to legal issues or is against company policy. This type useless things can result in productivity loss, eat up company resources such as bandwidth resulting in a loss of money.

internet access

This is why many organizations are implementing an internet usage policy and tracking software for control internet use. This type of setups help network administrators with a comprehensive tool to manage employee Internet usage. Website access permissions can be set at the computer, group and user level, based on time controls, keyword triggers, white lists  blacklists and a dynamic library of domain categories. Administrators can also exempt trusted web sites or domains from being blocked. Robust reporting delivers timely Internet usage and violation reports to management.

Pearl Software provides advanced employee Internet monitoring, filtering and management capabilities allowing you to enhance productivity and protect and conserve resources. Pearl Echo’s patented Mobility Monitor technology enables you to maintain the continuity of your Internet usage policies on and off your internal network. Pearl Echo provides user-defined control lists for instances where user content access needs to be limited. Pearl Echo also allows you to set various Internet access profiles based on time of day – perfect when you need to provide some flexibility for your day-extenders.

In the end, monitoring the internet usage is critical in today’s business world. It allows you to control and report on your employee’s internet usage. Proper use of the Internet at work is the employee’s responsibility.

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