Here is Simple Tips for Increasing Your Online Security

Online security is important to all of us. But, how often do you think about the security of your online presence. When you are online, it is important to consider your internet security and the measures you have taken to protect your online information. Before going to do any online transaction internet, it is important that you have to using certified and secure websites to make your purchases.There are too many dangers online fraud sites for steal your credit card and account details to hackers computer. You don’t have to be an expert in technology to apply security procedures that will protect you from a large number of cyber threats. Here are some of the simplest IT security solutions to secure your online security:

online internet security

Choosing the Right Password

Make sure your password has at least eight characters and does not spell a single dictionary word. Also use a combination of upper and lower case letters, at least one number, and a character that isn’t a letter or number. Keep it in memory rather than keeping it written down or saved on your devices ( Many times I found peoples wrote their ATM password in backside of card. This is 101% not secure). I prefer to use different passwords for different accounts, rather than one password. Don’t use automatic login features that save your username and password in the browser, this will hackers to trace your account details from browser cookies.

Don’t Publish Your Personal Details in Online

Always careful about sharing your location, house address, or family details in social media sites like Facebook. These will help the thief to understand about your nature, and where you can be found. your phone numbers and email addresses posted online are often collected by spammers and scammers. Never share information like pets’ names, birth place, etc. that provides clues to your passwords.

Never open SPAM email and clicking links when you are connected to the Internet

Always double think before going to click on links in any email that looks suspicious. Always verify emails from financial institutions, banks asking you to provide personal information online. If in doubt, call the company customer care directly.
Sometimes links and softwares shared by friends can be malicious, especially if their online accounts have been compromised. If in doubt, call your friend about link.

Be Cautious of  Torrents

Downloading torrents also increase the risk of giving yourself a virus or another type of spyware that can interfere with your computer’s data and potentially your online security when browsing and shopping. Always ensure you are downloading anything online from a safe source before you save files to your computer to help with protecting you, the files you have saved on your computer.

Online Banking and Shopping

Always choose strong passwords for your banking and online investment accounts and keep them private. When you making transactions online, please ensure that the website is secured with data encryption. Check this indication “https://” at the first of the website address. Always enter the website address in the browser yourself—never use a link from a mail or any online websites. Always try to avoid online banking and financial transaction when you’re in public Wi-Fi or public computer. After finished a transaction, log out, close the browser window, delete your browser history, and disconnect from the internet. Always keep it in mind : When disposing or selling your old computer or other device, erase all personal data.

Updating Security Software

It is very important to have a virus and spyware protection software installed on your computer. When you have an up-to-date internet security software installed you are more likely to be notified of potentially dangerous websites, files or even occurrences on your computer that can signify it has been hacked or hijacked by a potential security threat. Never use security updates from pop-up ads or emails. The pop-up may be a malware masked as an anti-spyware program.

Make sure you have a working firewall security

Firewalls defines as “a system or group of systems that enforces an access control policy between two networks. You need to check that it is turned “on” in your OS, and ensure that it’s updated regularly. If your OS doesn’t include a firewall, install your own firewall software. Hackers in the modern world are more strong, and they don’t care about your or your family. They break into your computer for many reasons.

Do you think that your Online Accounts are secure? Think again!

Make sure that you implement everything you learned above right away to avoid loosing precious data from your Online Account.

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