How to Setup and Start a Self-hosted Blog [Simple Tips]

Start a self-hosted blog site might seem like a little tough task, and you might not know where to start and how. But it’s very easy to create a self-hosted blog, and you can complete it in under an hour by following these four simple steps. If you are looking in to advanced blogging and also like to customize your blog’s look and other features, then getting a self-hosted blog is may be the best option for you. For ranting and the ability to manage posts and plugins, WordPress is a popular CMS choice among bloggers. WordPress is an open source. That means developers have access to the source code, so they can modify it. This makes the possibilities endless for what you can do with a WordPress website.

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1. Select a Domain Name

You should start setup by domain name registration for your blog. I would suggest going to for a .com rather than a .net or .org or anything else. A .com is always going to give you more search visibility and user friendly than any other extension.

2. Find a host for your blog

You need to find out a reliable hosting service for host your files for your blog. There are also a thousands web hosting companies out there. I don’t suggest just looking for the cheapest hosting, because many times these companies are not very reliable and your site might be down many times. I like to go with the top performing companies who have good reviews and automated script and cms installation services.

3. Get a premium or free theme

Next process is you need to choose a theme for your blog. You also might want to customize some of the preferences for your blog that WordPress allows you to modify such as the author name, comment moderation process, and so on. However, you also need to complete any customization before you start publishing blog posts. There are many more ways you can customize your blog with plug-ins, feeds, blogrolls, and more.

4. Start blogging

Once you’ve completed above steps , you’re ready to start publishing content on your blog. When you write your articles, you should come up with a “Specific keyword” that you’d like that article to rank for Google or other search engines. Also update your about page with proper details because your about page is one of the most important pages on your blog.

These four easy steps are all you need to follow in order to start a simple blog. I hope this post will make few more people interested in blogging.

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