Top Apps to Track and Recover Your Stolen Android Phone

If someone stolen your android smartphone or tablet what will you do ? You can track and recover that thief using some Anti-Theft apps. These apps helps you to find out stolen phone or tablet. For that you have to install this free tracking apps in your devises. Below we have compiled a list of some excellent Android applications. Which will help you to make your device more secure and allows you track and recover your lost or stolen Android Phone.

1. Prey Anti-Theft

Prey Anti-Theft is free tracking application for android mobile phones. Before you start tracking your devise you have to install this free app in your devises. Prey app can track stolen devise with help of their online dashboard.

2. LocateMyDroid

LocateMyDroid is a free app that will help you track your Android phone if it has been lost or stolen. It uses your phone’s built GPS to locate your phone using the Internet and a dashboard. Visually it will show you where your Android phone is on a map. Also it will even tell you the street address

3. F-Secure Anti Theft

F-Secure Anti-Theft is an application for your mobile phone that provides a great way to protect it if it gets lost or stole. You can also locate your phone or the person holding it remotely. If some one changes the SIM, an SMS will be sent to one of your preset trusted numbers, thus ensuring security of your device.

4. WatchDroid Lite

Watch Droid lite is yet another simple anti-theft application for your Android device. All it does is send SMS messages to the desired number along with the GPS coordinates of the phone.

5. Lookout Security

Lookout mobile is a security app with build-in anti-virus , data backup and theft protection built into one package. This track your phone using GPS and shows your phone location on the map.

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