How NFC Technology is Going to Change the Smartphone World

Near Field Communications (NFC) is the technology with the radio frequency which allows communication between two devices that are near. This allow both device to exchange the information or performance of security payment.  This technology guarantee a fast and secure information exchange. Many industry experts predict NFC will be the next big thing.

NFC Technology in Smartphone

Nokia is already announced NEC technology in their upcoming Meego Phone N9. Many mobile phone manufacturers are working on NFC for implement in upcoming models. This short-range wireless radio technology can turn a smartphone into a digital wallet or a credit card. Google has recently unveiled the Google Wallet with NFC technology. The Google Wallet allows people to take their smartphone and make purchases with it with the credit card information stored on it.  It will be so easy to pay for your shopping when you just have to take your phone and put it near an NFC terminal.

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NFC technology could soon change the multiplayer games concept. If you and your friend both have an NFC-enabled smartphone, you may soon be able to initiate a multiplayer game on your handsets by tapping the two phones together.

Advantages of NFC Technology

– Paying by smartphone

– Credit card integration into smartphone

– Electronic money integrating with prepaid cards

– Electronic ticketing for transport usage

– Personal electronic document

– Music and photos download from camera, mobile phones, multimedia readers

– Easy information transmission between any wireless devices

NFC chips will come soon as normal as a handset with a camera or built-in GPS. NFC going to release Google’s upcoming Android releases, Nokia‘s 2011 Meego and Windows range and many be in Apple’s iPhone 5.

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