The waiting for Lamborghini fans are over. Lamborghini has recently shook the market with their new brutal powerful extreme engineered model, Aventador. The new model is perfectly made to suit its seat in the lambo family. The body and interior look promising while the power is monstrous and sweet. The luxury starts from the exterior and ends inside the wheels through the engine.

If we start to look through the outward structure of the car the first beauty starts with the door. The doors to be opened upwards to accept the interior beauty. Inside the car the interior has been well furnished with high quality leathers which give comfort and luxury. The push start button has been placed inside the central console, where lies the key of the entire power. The steering has been so made to control the entire car in a very smooth way. It’s really effortless and highly responsible towards the minute change.


Aventador is served by 6498cc 60 degree V12 engine. This massive engine can produce a mammoth power of 690bhp. This is not less than any super car on the road. The only question is how can you control it. The vehicle is stopped to zero velocity by carbon ceramic discs. There are 6 cylinders for powering the brake in calipers. The car can reach to 62mph/100kmh in 2.9seconds!

The bonnet, bumpers and door has been made by aluminum which makes the vehicle more light weight and strong and most out casting structures are made from carbon fiber.

Technical Data

– Engine: V12 6498CC PETROL

– Power: 690 bhp@8250rpm

– Torque: 508lb ft @5550rpm

– Top speed: 217mph0-100km/hr: 2.9sec

Price: $250000

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