Microsoft’s Arc Touch Mouse

You know which one is  most stylish product from Microsoft ?. It is the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. It’s a new type of travel mouse, not a desktop mouse. The Arc Touch Mouse features a “touch scroll strip”, instead of a standard scroll wheel. The scroll strip uses a capacitive sensor pad to sense the movement of your finger and has three virtual tap “buttons” for paging up, paging down and a user programmable middle click area.

There’s also a battery level indicatior and ultra-compact nano-transceiver for 2.4GHz wireless connectivity that disappears when not in use in the battery compartment. The most interesting part is the bendable tail. It lets the mouse go flat for portability, and then curve and snap into a more mouse-like form for use on a tabletop. The neat trick is that the tail is also a switch, as well, turning the battery powered mouse off when flat, and on when curved.

U.S. price is expected to be $69.95

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