3 Easy DIY Security Solutions for Your Home

With so much going on around the country, you may not feel very safe in your home. Poor economic times can lead to higher rates of burglary, carjacking, or crimes of opportunity. There are a few DIY ways to help you feel more secure and protected from those who would do you harm.

Home Security Systems

Thanks to technology, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on the services of a professional security agency or remote monitoring group. You can head down to major hardware retailers or to an online seller for DIY security systems. Many of the products on the market wireless connect to your home’s internet service, with images and alerts from installed cameras sent straight to your smartphone or device. Installation takes just a few minutes, but you have a visual over your home and property.

Driveway Gates

If you don’t have the funds or option to put up a privacy fence around your home, consider installing a driveway gate. You don’t have to purchase an elaborate wrought-iron gate to deter unwanted guests. You can craft a more simple wooden gate from 1x6s and mount them to 6×6 posts. Put industrial steel caster wheels on the bottom for easy open and close. Chain link gates or farm gates are also cheap options for an instant gate.


Thieves and trespasser like to hide in the shadows and work after dark. Putting up floodlights on the corners of your house or on the driveway is a great way to add extra light at night. One of the more popular options these days are solar powered motion sensor lights. These are easy on electricity but are still effective at stopping prowlers in their tracks.

Protecting your home and family is a noble undertaking. These are ideas that can give you more peace of mind concerning everyone’s safety but without breaking the bank.