How To Choose the Best Commercial Cleaning Service

How To Choose the Best Commercial Cleaning Service

If you’re a business manager in New York City, chances are you know that keeping your office space clean can help your employees be more productive since they don’t have to worry about cleaning up common areas. Commercial cleaning businesses are often the answer, but how do you choose the best cleaning service for the price? While it can be difficult to find the best commercial cleaning NYC, it is more than possible if you take into consideration the following three criteria.

Quality of Employees

It is vital that the staff that is hired by the cleaning service go through standard hiring procedures, such as background checks and detailed interviews. While cleaners who enjoy their job are the best option, there needs to be a level of trust between the business manager and the cleaning company’s employees.

Quality of Products

To the average person, any cleaning product would likely be worthwhile as long as it gets the job done. However, for the health of everyone involved, it is ideal to find a service that uses green products. It is likely that your employees breathe in low-quality air on their way to work; you don’t want to have them sit in an office that has been contaminated by harmful products, too. Low-quality cleaning products have been correlated with increased rates of asthma and breathing problems.


Obviously, the level of experience of the company you hire is important. However, it is vital that you look at the type of experience they have. If you own a data storage company, for example, has the cleaning company had experience with cleaning similar offices? If you own a medical supply office, do they know the protocols for medical cleanups? Having a cleaning company with the right experience can shorten the learning curve for your office and help you avoid future headaches.

As long as you keep these three criteria in mind when choosing your commercial cleaning service, you should have no issues. Maintain a good relationship with your cleaning company, and your offices will be a place where your employees can reach their productivity potential.