4 Great Christmas Gifts for Security Guards

It’s the most wonderful time of year, and wonderful people deserve to be celebrated during it. If you’d like to pick out a fun or meaningful gift for the security guard in your life, here are just four ideas.

1. Personal Organizer

Security guards can have a lot of tools and accessories. Between their pens, notepads, batons, handcuffs and walkie-talkies, they might be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of stuff that they have to carry around. You can lessen their burden by equipping them with a personal organizer in the form of a bag or belt.

2. Novelty Mug

A novelty mug is a great gift for a security guard that you don’t know very well. If you want to express your appreciation for them even though you only recognize them by the patrols that they do around your store, get them a funny or silly mug. They’ll laugh at it in the moment, but they’ll make use of it during the next cold morning. It’ll be a fun but practical gift.

3. Key Ring

The average security guard carries a lot of keys, so you can make their life a little easier by gifting them with a top-notch key ring. They’ve come a long way from little metal bands. Modern key rings are equipped with everything from anti-theft technology to high-tech sensors that can keep track of themselves!

4. Personal Shield

Shields are a pragmatic gift for security guards. You might not want to buy them something for work since there could be specific criteria that their equipment needs to fulfill, but in terms of personal safety, a civilian ballistic shield can be a great thing. Just make sure that you don’t cut corners with this gift. If you’re going to splurge on a shield, do it right. Make sure that it can withstand a variety of assaults and weapons.

These are just a few gifts that will bring a smile to the face of your favorite security guard. They spent all year protecting people from harm, so they deserve a little joy on Christmas morning!