Weird Facts About Bronze

There is a much renewed interest in bronze these days, due in particular to the fact that it is possessed of a very resounding natural beauty. Everyone is clamoring to bronze things in a way which cannot really be stopped. Here are some interesting and weird facts about bronzing to relay at the next party to amaze your friends and family.

1. Bronze is not magnetic. This is because it is comprised of a compound between copper and tin, both of which are metals which are non-magnetic. It is actually the first alloy metal which was devised by mankind. The average percentage of tin found in bronze is about 12%. An interesting aside from this is that contrary to popular belief, most metals are not magnetic, only a handful are.

2. Bronze has been around for thousands of years. It was, in fact, used by the ancient Egyptians to forge tools from. They were quite fond of wielding spears and shields made from the metal. Another thing that made bronze particularly popular in ancient times is the fact that it is naturally antibacterial. This went a long way in those days and there were very few ways to get rid of germs.

4. It is called the Bronze age because this is the time period when it achieved its maximum popularity. It was so popular, in fact, that ancient entrepreneurs even created businesses such as a bronze casting service.

5. The friction level that bronze has against other metals is very low, which makes sit a great choice when building cannons. This allows the cannonball to exit the barrel very easily with no problems.

As you can see, there are some weird and wonderful facts about bronze that you probably did not know about beforehand. Feel free to share these interesting tidbits with your friends and amaze them with your arcane knowledge of the obscure.