Customizing Medical Product Packages

Instead of wasting valuable time trying to fit a square into a circle, hiring experts to customize medical product packaging will help you get the job done right the first time around. The shape, weight and needs of each product can be very different. Expert customization is a solution that will keep your products from being recalled, or seen as less desirable than the competition.
Packaging Design By Product Type

Having the right design for your medical products is essential when you consider size, shape and level of protection needed for shipment. The packaging needs to be easy enough for a patient or medical staff member to open, but able to withstand the rigors of shipment and storage. Customized design is a way to get the packaging needs fulfilled in a way that will preserve your products from manufacture to user.

Sterile or Non-Sterile

There are critical differences in the design of medical packaging that contains products that are meant to stay sterile, or items that are not necessary to keep completely dust and germ-free. Products that are created for use in surgery, or other sterile medical procedures need to packaged where they are safe to use by nurses, surgeons and other medical personnel.
Liquids, Powders, Pills and Labeling

Products that are created to be ingested undergo a lot of scrutiny by the FDA to comply with labeling rules and regulations. The products must be clearly labeled, provide instructions for use and include any necessary warnings, or precautions. All have to be labeled with lot numbers in case there is a need for a product recall.
Durability of Packaging

Precision planning needs to be done to help in the creation of the right product packages that is durable enough to tolerate shipping and shelving. Every product is different and the individual shipping processes can vary. Customizing the packaging allows for the durability needed at the time.
Package Testing Essentials

Compliance is the biggest goal when it comes to ensuring the medical product packaging is successful. You need to make sure that every detail is looked at closely and any flaws, or weaknesses are corrected before heading to market.

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