Staying Safe on Any Job Site

Millions of jobs include work near industrial machines, from manufacturing to distribution facilities. State and federal laws require the facilities to be examined and tested for safe conditions several times a year. Employees need to do their part when it comes to staying safe too. Consider these tips to remain safe on even the most dangerous work site.

Use Eye Protection

Your eyes are extremely vulnerable to injuries because they’re open during most activities. Use protective eyewear whenever you’re near an industrial machine. Ideally, wear them all day long to avoid any accidental eye damage. Sparks, harmful liquids and other substances can fly through the air and possibly hurt your face. If you work out in the sunlight, look for protective eyewear with some tinting. You’ll prevent squinting and other uncomfortable eye movements with these glasses.

Be Aware of Fire Hazards

There are countless fire hazards in any industrial workplace. In order to avoid any issues, consider an arc flash hazard analysis. Machines situated in close proximity to each other can actually create an arc of electrical energy that injures anyone in the immediate area. Experts can come in, examine the area and offer suggestions to reduce these hazards. Invite the experts back if any changes are made to the facility or machines. Electrical energy is incredibly strong within these items.

Opt For Protective Clothing

Wearing the right eyewear is critical, but look beyond that to your clothing. Shirts, pants and shoes can easily burn at certain job sites. Consider fire-resistant clothing that has specific ratings. These materials can be exposed to heat without any reaction. Your skin remains safe so that you can move away from the situation. Steel-toed shoes are another clothing item that’s worth the investment. Save your foot from injuries because the embedded steel supports the shoe if anything topples onto it.

Hard-Hat Requirements

Follow any hard-hat rules that pertain to your work space. If you move through a facility for other reasons, keep the hat handy so that you’re always protected. Any head injuries can be catastrophic when it comes to heavy-duty items.

Your supervisor should have frequent meetings regarding any changes to safety parameters, such as once a quarter. Be proactive as an employee, and point out any issues that seem to be plaguing the company. You might save a life by pointing out the oversight and improving the workplace.

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