Franchise Opportunities Based on Cars

There is a good reason to consider starting an automotive franchise. Based on national studies and statistics from data marketing companies, people seem to be keeping their cars for longer periods of time. The average time is about six years, according to the latest numbers. Franchise owners who have been able to build meaningful relationships with customers have not felt any economic pinch, even when the economy experiences downturns. Here are three types of automotive businesses you might consider, based on service specialty.


Transmission Repair

Repairing a transmission may seem a daunting task to those who consider the amount of money it may take or technicians who consider the amount of labor. However, more car owners are requesting this service in lieu of trading their cars in for new ones. The cost of a new transmission, parts and labor combined, will still likely cost must less than buying a new car altogether. If you decide to specialize in transmissions, it is best to understand the kind of work involved for the mechanics you hire. Knowing what this does to the title classification and value of the car will also help you with marketing initiatives.


One of the hottest trends in detailing franchises is mobile service. Franchise owners travel to their clients to wash and detail cars. This is convenience for both the car owner and the franchise owner. Car owners do not have to spend gas to go to a brick-and-mortar shop to get their cars serviced. Franchise owners avoid overhead costs and are able to expand their customer bases because they are not confined to a single location. This is the solution that seems to keep many detailing franchises profitable. The mobile service option has also worked well for windshield and glass repair.

Car Rental

Car owners are able to keep their vehicles for 6 years or more because they do not often take their cars with them when they travel long distances. Instead they opt for car rentals. That makes this one of the most viable franchise choices possible in the automotive industry. Additionally, flying travelers are looking for mobility after they land and will provide a steady influx of customers.

Because cars show no sign of becoming obsolete in the near future, buying an automotive brand franchise is a wise business decision. People are choosing to take better care of their vehicles rather than trading them in for new cars. This means your business as a franchise owner will always have good leads.

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