How to Improve Building Safety Systems

Making a building secure is the job of the security team up front. The people who enter the building can be screened in a variety of ways, and each method is meant to ensure total security in the building. The video inspection systems provided to buildings are designed to show the security detail what is entering the building.

Building Safety Systems

Government Buildings

Government buildings are often staffed with Sheriff’s deputies or police officers. The officers cannot legally search, but they can run bags and purses through a video machine that uses an x-ray. The x-ray machine shows a live video of the items inside each bag or purse. 

The officers can use probable case from images they see on the monitor to search bags that they feel have dangerous materials. The security is not perfect, but it gives the security team the most information possible. 

Office Buildings

Office buildings can screen people when they enter and leave the building. Office buildings are less concerned about physical dangerous than they are about losses and theft. The security scanning equipment can show the security team if people are stealing items or taking private material out of the building.

The security staff is typically not allowed to search bags and purses, but the company can keep an eye on shrinkage with the help of this video surveillance equipment. Also, the company can review tapes from the units if they believe that an employee or customer is stealing.

Public Areas

Public areas can be screened in the same way that government buildings are screened. The screening process can use a conveyor belt just like a building. The security staff can lead people to the conveyor belt so that they can see what is inside each bag. The safety of public or open air events depends on the security team seeing what is inside each bag.

The security systems that are needed for each building or event start with an x-ray. The x-ray will send an image the video monitor so that security staff can see what is entering their facility. The safety and security of the building is at stake, and security personnel need all the information they can get.

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