Upgrade your Side by Side with Smart After-Market Additions

You’ve gone out and bought a side by side, and you’re anxious to get it out in the open fields and see what it can do. Maybe you’re heading into the woods for a hunting trip, or you’re using it on courses that send you flying with every bump. Whether you’ve had your ride for a while or you’re brand new to the experience, you’ll find that there are countless ways to personalize your side by side and make it more enjoyable. Here’s just a sample of parts for your side by side that you can use to take it to the next level.

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Safety First

You love tearing through the woods, but you also want to be safe. Suicide doors close in the walls of your ride to protect you from tree limbs and debris on the trail. It’s the first step to enclosing the side by side for winter use, and it’s a great way to make your riders safer out on the trail.

Night Riding

Get ready to head out in the dark by adding a LED light bar to the top of your side by side. These simple fixtures provide a great deal of light, so you can make a run back to civilization from your remote camp or just go out joy riding after dark.

Put it to Work

If you’re using your side by side as a runabout on the ranch, then a winch is a great idea. With a winch, you can move small fallen trees and get other debris off the roads after a storm. A good winch can handle 3500 pounds and will prove extremely versatile for both work and recreational activities.

Ride in Comfort

Make your side by side more comfortable by adding new seats. Quality seats will cushion the ride, protect your spine and make the experience more enjoyable. In addition to plush seats, you can also look for extra wide options that give you a roomier fit.

Upgraded Tires

Tires will have to be replaced with wear, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the factory options your side by side came with. Upgrade the tires for better traction in mud or snow, or choose larger tires that can handle rough terrain. They make your ride more versatile and give it a sharp look.

Buying your side by side is only the beginning of the entertainment. You can take steps to personalize the equipment and make it even more enjoyable. Whether you add key features for safety or focus on pleasure, you’re sure to love the new ride.

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