CompTIA Certification Exams for Project Managers

CompTIA, as an independent, globally recognized professional credentialing organization, offers a formal validation of project management specific skills and knowledge for IT professionals through the successful completion of a single CompTIA certification exam – the PK0-003.

The CompTIA Project+ Certification Exam (PK0-003) is an internationally recognized certification program for IT project managers. Unlike many other project management credentialing programs, the PK0-003 Exam has no prerequisites and does not require extensive and costly continuing education for maintaining the credential. While there are no prerequisites, there are certain recommendations for successful performance on the test, including at least one year of direct project management or project team participation experience.

The PK0-003 Exam is designed to measure the skills and abilities of IT personnel involved in all stages of the project life cycle. There are 100 questions on the exam and a passing score of 710 on a scale of 100 to 900 is required for success. The PK0-003 Exam is currently offered in three languages and 90 minutes are allotted for completion.

The PK0-003 exam measures the competency of project managers in planning and executing small and medium scale projects. There are 100 questions on the exam that cover all stages of the project life cycle, including everything from the initiation of activities through the closure of the finalized project.

Most project management certifications take months to achieve. The PK0-003 exam from CompTIA is the only requirement for earning the Project+ professional project manager certification. This makes it one of the most efficient and cost effective project management credentials available.

While there are no prerequisites for testing, candidates are recommended to have a minimum of one year of experience in managing and/or leading projects prior to taking the PK0-003 exam. Just ninety minutes are allotted for completion of the exam, and a passing score consists of 710 or greater on a 900 maximum scale.

To prepare for the exam, gaining hands on experience with project management software is essential. Participating in project management teams whenever possible is also recommended for honing the project management skill set. Formal training courses and other exam preparation classes can also be a portion of candidates’ exam prep activities.

Additionally, there are practice exam resources and tutorials offered by certification exam prep services like that can be quite beneficial to an exam preparation routine. Practice exams not only allow candidates to test their knowledge, but also give a measure of testing readiness, helping candidates know when they’ve mastered the materials and are ready to schedule their PK0-003 exam.

Other important topics in the venture administration discipline will also be covered in the PK0-003 Examination, including the role regarding stakeholders throughout venture good results along with how to acquire stakeholder buy-in. Supervision regarding non-technical aspects of tasks along with being familiar with the larger company significances regarding venture administration processes along with initiatives can be covered by the PK0-003 Examination along with Qualification.

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