How to do Application Performance Monitoring for Virtual Desktops

Desktop virtualization is becoming one of the fastest growing IT initiatives in the technology world. Desktop virtualization enables organizations to achieve some significant benefits, such as a lower cost of procuring and managing corporate desktops, reduced downtime due to hardware failures and ease of software installs and updates. At the same time, desktop virtualization brings some challenges and organizations need to ensure that the benefits of desktop virtualization are working fine without loss in the quality of end-user experience. For that reason, organizations need to extend the capabilities of their virtualization management solutions to be able to monitor how the performance of virtual desktops is impacting the end-user.


There are many industry-leading VDI monitoring solutions used by professional services organizations worldwide to generates detailed reports to provide insight into an organization’s application and user consumption of network, storage, CPU, memory and other compute resources. Virtual desktops and virtual servers aren’t the same, so you can’t use your server monitoring tools for VDI performance monitoring. VDI performance monitoring tools can make switching from PCs to virtual desktops easier, but only if you’ve got the right features. First, you need capacity planning capabilities so you know which resources employees use. You need load testing so you can tell how much stress your environment can handle. Finally, you need to be able to test user experiences to make sure employees are satisfied with their virtual desktops.

This VDI monitoring guide offers resources to help you gather performance data, set alerts and choose the best monitoring tools for your environment.

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