Using and Taking Care of Your e-Cigarette Is Very Easy

How to Use Your Electronic Cigarette

We might know what it does, but I’m sure we don’t know how it does it, and for those concerned about their health, the how is something very important. The electronic cigarette is microelectronic vaporizing tool, which uses an advanced atomization system. Basically the device creates vapors which taste like nicotine (or other interesting flavors) by atomizing the liquid in the cartridge.
It has three parts:

  • The battery, which cleverly enough, activates automatic when you inhale. It is responsible with the supplying energy for the atomizer and the LED.
  • The Atomizer, which vaporizes the liquid in the cartridge.
  • The cartridge which is soaked in the e-liquid. You are advised to lean the cigar down, 30 degrees in order for the liquid to reach the atomizer.

Taking care of your electronic cigar:

  • Cartridges can be refilled approximately 10 times, after these uses the cotton in them will become smaller and less efficient and as a result the taste will change. Although there are some non-conventional ways of reconditioning your cartridge, you might end up destroying your device.
  • The atomizer also requires some maintenance. If you truly want to experience the electronic cigar at its best you should clean the atomizer at least a week. To clean it you have to unscrew the battery, take the cartridge out and insert a piece of cotton or a napkin. The next step is to blow from the opposite side. If you do not clean your atomizer for more than 5 weeks, you will have to immerse it in refined alcohol for 12 hours in order to eliminate the dry residues. However this method may irreparably deteriorate it, and should be used only in cases of extreme need.
  • The battery doesn’t usually require any cleaning, but there are cases when the liquid might come in contact with it, so it is advisable to clean it once a week.

If you are worried about the lifespan or quality of your e-cigar, you should take a look at the great BluCigs deals and offers. Some cigarettes are so dependable that they offer warranties. However good they are, it is however possible for the nichelin filament in the atomizer to weaken due to excessive use, and no matter how much we try to clean it, it will never function the same. Like the filament in the light bulb, the atomizer filament is bound to become worn out in time. All in all it is very easy to take care of your electronic cigar, it only takes a few minutes every week to clean it, and it is totally worth it.

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