Search Windows 8 Apps Store in Web Browser with MetroStore Scanner

Now you can search Windows 8 Apps directly from any browser with the help of a new third-party website called MetroStore Scanner. MetroStore Scanner allows the user to search for an app in the Windows Store from almost any device just by opening its web URL. You can search apps by category or filter by country to find a desired app quickly, even from your Windows 7 or earlier versions of Windows. MetroStore Scanner works exactly like the Windows 8 Apps Store app where you can search or browse apps with filters.

MetroStore Scanner allows users to search for Windows Store apps and user can download the apps through a link beside the description which directs them to to original location in Windows Store. In MetroStore Scanner when you click on the Details button and you will be redirected to its original location in Windows 8 App Store. MetroStore Scanner is nice project and would be very helpful for people who want to get updated their apps with latest without opening the Windows 8 Apps Store app from your Start Screen.

Open MetroStore Scanner from Here

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