How to amplify the GSM signal?

The cell phone is not the news for a long time. Our life is unimaginable without it. But now we have another problem: even the areas with excellent signal have places where it’s impossible to use the cell phone – there is no signal or it isn’t strong. How to solve this problem and how to amplify the GSM signal? It’s easy! The solution of “dead zones” is a mobile signal booster – the repeater. The mobile signal booster works simultaneously in two directions – the repeater can amplify the signal from a cell phone to the base station and vice versa. The work of the mobile signal booster is made in any surface.

In addition it is known that a cell phone in poor reception switches to high power and the radiation can reach up to 2W! But if you are using a mobile gsm repeater in places with poor reception of cellular signal, this can significantly reduce the SHF radiation that your mobile phone produces. Take care of your and your family health by installing the mobile gsm booster, thereby, reducing the harmful impact that the cellular phone has on the human health.

In the presence of the mobile gsm amplifier an electromagnetic field generated by your cellular phone around a man between the mobile base station and your mobile phone is dozens of times less, it is 100-200 mW.

So how to amplify your mobile signal? Choose one of the gsm booster for the area on which you will use it. And then trust the installation of your amplifier for the professionals or do it yourselves.

The gsm repeater helps you to solve the problem how to boost mobile signal and the price of these repeaters is fully commensurate with the comfort it provides.

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