Review: Proxy Pro Remote Support Solutions

Proxy Pro is a remote access software product by Proxy Networks. A leading provider of remote desktop software for help desk organizations over 15 years. PROXY Pro 7.0.4 Edition is commonly using by thousands of help desk and IT managers every single day. It is fast, reliable and secure. Here I’m going to write review about how PROXY Pro remote desktop software is helped  my organization.

Proxy Pro has helped us to get good client reviews in many times by reducing the amount of time for giving support to our world wide clients. The new remote management software tools in PROXY Pro are very convenient to use. It is very useful to be able to make repairs on remote system, without having to make any difficulty. This remote desktop software helped us to improve produtivity and client satisfaction. Also securing connection between client and server with 256 bit encryption protocol.

Main Advantages of PROXY Pro Services

PROXY Pro 7.0.4 supports the following services on its secure connections between Client and Server

Remote Control: ability to view screen activity on an end-user’s remote machine, and with proper authorization, take control of and send keyboard/mouse inputs to the remote machine in real-time

Remote Clipboard: ability to copy selected items on the screen of a remote machine into the clipboard on the remote machine and transfer the contents to the clipboard on the technician’s machine, and vice versa

File Transfer: ability to drag-and-drop files or directories on the remote machine to the technician’s machine, and vice versa

Host-based Chat: ability to chat with the end-user on a remote machine, and any other technicians connected to that machine

Remote Printing: ability to print selected items from the remote machine to a printer attached to the technician’s machine

Host Administration: ability to view and edit configuration settings of the PROXY Pro Host installed on the remote machine

Remote Management: ability to generate inventory of hardware and software assets on remote machine, and to query and change certain system settings

Latest version PROXY Pro is 7.0.4 . It contain following new features.

– Active users list
– Restart in Safe Mode
– End-to-end authentication
– Display option enhancements
– Connection notification enhancements

We found this software very useful for Enterprise helpdesk.

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