Best 6 Gadget for Daily Life

Last year has been a kind of the year of technological advancements, which resulted in the boom of innovative ideas in the electronic industry. Consequentially, a number of electronic gadgets that is useful for our day-to-day needs have been developed. Let us discuss here some of the best six electronic gadgets that are available in the market and has revolutionized the way the electronic industry thinks.

1.  Sunglasses with MP3 Player and Bluetooth headset:

This is one of the best and technologically innovative, thoughtful idea to bring in the power of three in one – the MP3 or MP4 player, Bluetooth and the use of sunglasses into one, so that one will not forget to use their sunglasses. These sunglasses have removable clips converting the sunglasses into a Bluetooth or MP3 player. You can play MP3, WMA and WAV formatted music using the MP3 player of the sunglass, besides which the sunglass has the option of being connected to the PC via Bluetooth or USB 2.0 for quick uploads of music files into the MP 3 player using drag and drop option.

2. Oregon Heart Rate Monitor Watches –Vibro Fit Pro Trainer SE232:

This is a device designed for two kinds of people – one for those who have heart problems, and the other, which was the main idea behind the making of this device, is for monitoring your heart rate for self-training workouts. Some of the innovative features in this Oregon heart rate monitor watches includes a vibrating heart zone alarm feature and MP3 player for exercising with music. The watch vibrates warning you when your heart rate reaches the preset permissible heart rates and the Cardio Vibro Trainer allows you to enter other details like age, sex, weight, height and activity level. The inbuilt Smart Trainer Programme reverts with a realistic Heart Rate limits according to the user and everyone receives a 5 min warm up session followed by a 30 min preset exercise program depending on the user’s fitness ability.

3. Shaking Torch:

This is one of the top rated products that were introduced in the year 2004. This is a highly useful household gadget, especially in regions were power shutdowns are quite frequent. In the dark, this is very harder to reach for the torch and as soon as you do so, rather than looking for the switch to turn it on, you shake the torch for 15 to 30 seconds to turn it on like magic. This is a much better idea than the fluorescent switch to turn the torch on.

4. Flexiglow Multi Tool Flash Drive:

This is an interesting and incredible USB flash drive that turns into a retractable and removable ballpoint pen, besides the presence of LED flash light for the drive, and housing a star screwdriver, a bottle opener and a nail file. All in one, this is an amazingly simply useful device that is easy to carry and is much more useful if this comes as a key chain so that you don’t lose it.

5. Widescreen MP 4 Player Watch:

Do you adore your watch? What will you do if this is going to offer you more like a MP4 player with 1 GB memory featuring         a 1.8 TFT screen, built-in FM radio and speaker and MTV format movie player? Give a big hug! There are a number of these kinds of watches on the move in the market, so the best option is try to grab one today.

6. MP3 Player Pens:

We know of pen doing more than what this can actually do like store down everything you scribble and bring back to memory when in need. Now pens do something more and something more different and entertaining! These pens support MP 3 players that support playing music stored in MP3, WMA and WAV formats, besides also supports USB 2.0 connection for easy file transfer.

Knowing all these daily life gadgets, some of which are useful, some being entertaining, some taking care of your health, aren’t you confused of not knowing which one to choose first?

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