Top 6 iOS Apps for Daily Life

It has become a temptation to look for more and more apps for your iPhone, only to make the best use of the phone. Here we are not going to discuss about how one is getting addicted when venturing to explore the iOS applications, rather will be discussing on some of the useful applications for use in our daily life.

Here are some of the best 6 iOS apps that can be used in our daily life,

  1. Skype for iPhone:

Most of the time, I believe you will find this application preloaded in many of the mobile phones, and in your iPhone if you do not find one, then you can download from Apple’s iTunes. Skype can do the same thing that this can do on your personal computer. This will serve the purpose of being the most popular VOIP client and allows making free Skype-to-Skype calls charging only the data charge. This will make international calls more economical than before.

Download: Skype for iPhone

  1. Evernote:

This is a personalized notepad serving and storing more of your notes than merely jotting down the points. Notes are in the form of pictures, texts and voice messages and later you can synchronize the data with your personal computer. This is one of the best solutions for taking down notes without excluding any point that crops up in moments of expansion.

Download: Evernote

  1. Wi-Fi Finder:

Usually your iPhone might be equipped with a Wi-Fi finder, but having this application on your iPhone will enable not only to efficiently find and locate Wi-Fi access, but also can search for separate Wi-Fi access like for Public, local hotspots and paid access. What is more advantageous is that this is quick and easier to use.

Download: Wi-Fi Finder

  1. Mobile:

I was really surprised and was glad to find this application for editing photos just like the way you will be doing on your computer and am sure that if I own an iPhone I will download this application to find this only awfully helpful. This has many of the features of one of the most powerful image editing software like crop, straighten, and rotate, flip and other simple gestures.

Download: Mobile

  1. Messagey! Unlimited SMS:

By using this application on your iPhone, you can now send SMS and MMS free, quickly and easily. This application allows you to personalize and customize you SMS or MMS experiences. Nevertheless, this is an option that you are taking a decision to save on the money by sending free SMS and MMS as many times as you want and is time to have great fun.

Download: Messagey! Unlimited SMS

  1. Flashlight:

When it comes to iPhone, what everyone likes about iPhone is the use of this application, Flashlight. As iPhone do not have a built-in flashlight, this application is extremely useful to use your iPhone as a torch or flashlight in the dark when you forget to carry a torch with you. Moreover, you can have some fun using this application by varying the color of the flashlight and all of your friends together can create a small disco at home using the color variations of flashlight like white, red, green and blue.

Download: Flashlight

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