Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale

Maserati demanding they made first legal sports car which you can take straight down to the road. The all new GranTurismo MC Stradale can reach up to a maximum speed of 300km/hr. And it can achieve this speed in just a matter of 4.6 Seconds from still. Maserati’s traditional value and expulsive look has been retained in the new version. Maserati says that the car is above all the model they have introduced in to the market. Chief designer Fusco says that, It pushes the limits of aggressive performance and looks but is still true to its Maserati heritage: the ultimate Grand Tourer.

The outer structure of the car is aerodynamically crafted in such way to cruise to 300km/hr. The profile gives the car more aerodynamic stability and control to the car. The car does look like the Gran Turismo is first look. Well it is right in the way because the way it has made is so unless you see what is inside the hood. The inward curves grille of Maserati standard is the sporty feature of the car. When the car produces more power the cooling of the engine should be done in so proper way. There are air vents provided at the outer end of wheel arch for the stability of the car giving an attractive look for the vehicle.

Inside the car is the enormous availability of the luxury and excitement. This might be one of those race cars with luxurious interior. The dash board of the car is made out in high finished wood and well chrome plated. The seats of the Stradale are made out of light in weight carbon fiber giving a dynamic look and high protection. In back side there are torsion bars helping out in high protection to the body of the car in case of accidents. There is a four point racing harness rather than traditional seat belt for safety. The steering is made out in high finished leather giving a very dynamic look. The paddle shift bars are just below the steering. There is a buttoned option for selection of RACE/SPORT mode. There is a clock attached at the passengers end. The arm rest at the central panel is been mind blowing finish one. All of the leather work of the car is hand crafted. The instrument cluster is made out in cockpit model especially out of the line. The instrument panel is divided into two parts. One for speedometer and other for tachometer in center gear display and other functions are displayed.

The inside hood features of the car is more luxurious than the words could say. A diamond type coating on cam shaft gives the engine more responsive opening valves. That makes this 4.7ltr engine more efficient and very less in carbon emission. The 331kw power engine can take u to a 100km/hr from nothing in just 4.6 seconds.

Technical Data:

  • Engine : 4.7ltr V8 engine
  • Power output : 331kw @7000 rpm
  • Torque : 52kg @4750 rpm
  • L x W x H : 4933 x 1915 x 1343
  • Max. Speed : 301km/hr
  • 0-100km/hr : 4.6 Sec
  • Tyres : 255/35 ZR 20 (front)
  • 290/35 ZR 20 (rear)
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