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Download Manager is what most people generally use for better and faster downloads. We are getting more speeds when you are using download managers. There is many download managers available in internet, but we need a download manager with all in function.

SoMud  is a free download manager application having with many features, integrated media player and with integrated torrent search. This feature can be very helpful because you will get a preview of the content before actually download it, this way you will prevent spam or fake videos from being downloaded into your computer.

You can download torrent files via SoMud. It automatically searches some of the most popular Torrent sites of results. The search returns relevant results from the popular bit torrent trackers and downloads start instantly. Download preview capability allows you to play media file while it is being downloaded.  Also you can create your own torrent for share your own files over P2P networks. You can adjust download/upload bandwidth limit for all download or for individual download.

SoMud also support HTTP and FTP download functionality. SoMud breaks the file into a set number of pieces and requests server access for each one. You can also add multiple mirror links to improve download speeds.

You can also record your desktop motion and sound into video to present or to share. Record any sound from your PC or microphone into MP3. Capture camera video and audio. Plugin support for converting any audio and video format. Easily download web images to your gallery. SoMud have parental control for filter specified keywords and lock specified content. Support multi-language user interfaces.

SoMud is completely FREE and runs on both Windows and Mac OS. Download SoMud from here.

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