Top 10 New Features of Mac OS X Lion

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference brought the new Mac OS X Lion. OS X Lion brings 250+ new features including the touch based gestures, system-wide support for full screen apps, Mission control feature, and much more. OS X Lion will be released to all customers through the Mac App Store only for just $29.99. Here is the details about top 10 Features of Lion.

1. Lunchpad

Your Mac apps can be accessed with a pinch gesture and appear tiled across the screen, so you no longer have to visit the applications folder to access your downloaded apps.Creating folders like iOS is another feature of Launchpad just initiated by a gesture.

2. Full Screen Apps

Application will be displayed fullscreen on OS Lion. It is really the most powerful brand new feature of Mac OS X Lion. You can also have more than one full screen app running at once, with a swipe gesture for easy switching between them.

3. Mission Control

It is displaying all the applications being run. Similarly, switching between applications and find the application you want to use.

4. Mac Mail Version 5

In Mac OS X Lion Mail has been completely revamped and absolutely enhanced, which seems inspired from the iPad Mail client. Mail app for Mac OS X has received an upgrade, with improved viewability, usability and search functions.

5. Airdrop

It is a new document sharing application just introduced in Lion. Now Sending files is like dragging and dropping an icon on the AirDrop logo. The recipient would find a prompt, would confirm that he is desirous to get the file, and it downloads to his PC.

6. Resume

Now when you open an application in the Lion, the application before it displays what you do.

7. Autosave

Lion will automatically save your work in the background without having to bother you with the various steps of storage.

8. Versions

Automatically save a document in different versions when you are working on the document.

9. Mac App Store

Mac App Store has become the biggest software channel for Mac applications.  Mac App Store are now built-in with the in-app purchases. Built-in version also includes a push notifications to app updates.

10.  Multi-touch gestures

This feature will give control to the application to be operated using a variety of multi-touch gestures. These include swipe three fingers, pinching and scrolling and zooming.

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