What a Router Can Do For Your High Speed Internet Connection

The first thing you need to know before asking question about what a router can do for your high speed internet connection needs is first to understand what a router is and by getting the definition right, you can now understand the kind of value you can derive from a router.

What is a router?

A router is an electronic device that helps you to forward packets data to the destinations that it was sent to, with the specified address given to it. But before we go further into the study of internet routers, you need to know what a high speed internet connection was and how it works. A high speed internet connection which is also known as a “broadband” is a form of internet connectivity that can be describe as a connection that can carry signals from a large number of networks carriers that does not depend on others through a coaxial or fiber optic cable by setting up a different bandwidth channels. High speed internet can be use to transmit voice, data and video via a very long distance all at the same time.

The work of a router is to take information that came into a broadband internet signal through a modem, convert it from code to a normal language, and then deliver it to the host computer and it can choose the alternative route for the packet data transmission for you to receive the data as quick as possible, and this brought us to the different types of routers that we have.

Different Types of routers

When it comes to understanding the types of routers, you need to know the difference between each router that is in the market for you to choose the better one for your internet connection setup. There are 2 major types of router and they are:

Wireless Router

A wireless router helps you to connect to the web with the help of a modem from your service provider, also a wireless router can direct local traffic on a network and a modem is required if you need internet access with it. Majority of the times, most of cable Internet service provider (ISP), and digital subscriber line (DSL) company offer a pre-configured modem for you to use for access to their service.

A wireless router can connect to the modem to provide Internet access to the network. But for the reason that a router can connect to your modem and thereby create a wireless signal in your home and around the vicinity, makes it easier for all computer system within the range of the wireless connection to be able to connect to your home wireless router and use your high speed internet connection for free without a thank you message. In this case, you must keep your wireless router secured in other not to allow just anybody to access it talk less of surfing the web with your high speed internet connection.

Broadband Router

A broadband router is the combination of a firewall, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server, and a network switch. High speed internet routers is well designed with a user friendly interface which will makes it easier for you setup your home network within your homes or office with Digital Subscriber Link, or High speed internet cable modem service. A good high speed router must support net connection sharing, file sharing on the network and more.

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