Google Chrome Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Google chrome  keyboard shortcuts for Facebook which will increase your speed and you can access the different pages in Facebook faster which in turn increases your browsing experience. You can use   keyboard shortcuts on Facebook for browsing easily and I think most of you might NOT be aware about this feature.

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts For Chrome:

* Alt+1: This key combination takes you to your Facebook home page, No matter where you are on facebook.

* Alt+2: This combination takes you to your profile, Again from anywhere in the

* Alt+3: This combination opens up the pending friend requests dialog.

* Alt+4: By pressing this one you can see your Inbox(i.e. Messages).

* Alt+5: You can see your Notifications by pressing this combination.

* Alt+6: Pressing this takes you to the “My Account” where you can change your name and other details.

* Alt+7: Pressing this takes you to the “Privacy Settings” where you can update/change your privacy settings.

* Alt+8: This one takes you to the facebook fan page.

* Alt+9: Takes you to the Terms and Conditions page(Statement of Rights and Responsibilities) which is bigger than a constitution of a country.

* Alt+0: Takes you to the “Help Center” page. Where you can browse your applications and see facebook features.

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