Find Out What’s New in iPad vs iPad 2

Apple iPad 2 created a heavy wave in the world of technology. There are many modifications in hardware which are clearly visible in first look.  Ipad 2  got dual camera and it is much thinner & lighter than first iPad. New iPad is powered by a new 1 GHz dual core A5 chip also has 9 times better graphic performance and the game play is much smoother and realistic. Here you can see comparison between iPad and iPad 2.


iPad 2

iPad 2

iPad Vs iPad 2

Differences Between iPad vs. iPad 2

1. iPad 2 is 4.4 millimeters thinner and 10 grams lighter than the first iPad. The new iPad’s design identity is similar to that of iPod Touch 4G with tapered edges and flat rear.

2. The first generation iPad doesn’t have any camera. In stark contrast, the new one has two cameras, one in front and another at the back.

3. iPad 2 in comes in two colors; White and Black. On the other hand, the first iPad is only comes in Black.

4. iPad 2 sports a loud speaker at the lower portion of the back case. The first iPad doesn’t.

5. The first generation iPad runs on Apple A4 chip. The second gen comes with an Apple A5 processor, which is at least twice as fast as A4 with nine times the graphics processing power.

6. You can get a Smart Cover made specifically for iPad 2. Apple made no such case for the first iPad.

7. iPad 2 runs iOS 4.3 operating system out of the box. When it was launched, the first iPad ran iPhone OS 3.2.

8. iPad 2 sports a 3-axis gyroscope for better game play on top of other sensors like accelerometer, ambient light sensor and magnetometer, which are also present on the first iPad.

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3 thoughts on “Find Out What’s New in iPad vs iPad 2”
  1. You should add another table, showing just the differences. Or just have one table with diff.s, and list the common specs below it.

    ‘Smart Cover’ is sold separately, so that should be removed from the table..

    1. Hi Bro, Thanks for valuable info… Made changes in post… hope more techie now… keep in touch..

      1. Yep, definitely more techie! Write for the reader, and not to show your knowledge, then posts will always be worth reading. Keep up the good work!