5 Tips to Keep You Secure While Surfing Web in a Café

If you are a regular user of internet cafe and use Windows based operating systems, you will find yourself being exposed to malwares, viruses, and security related attacks by Trojans, spywares and much more to steal your personal information. Proper care should be taken to secure you while surfing in the internet cafes.

First, you should know the two basic kinds of dangers that you are to face in a web or internet café, like the loss of personal privacy information, which probably is due to the absence of adequate firewalls and real-time antivirus softwares, which exposes you to a number of Trojan the malware compromising on the personal information. The second most important danger that you are exposed to is the eaves dropping technique that which uses the third party software to steal you online identity and steals your personal information.

Now you know what is the problem, and then is good to learn some of the smart ways to save yourself from online identity thefts and loss of personal information.

1) Learn to use online virtual keyboard:

Many of the websites like the banking websites uses an online virtual keyboard, which works on a click of the button that you use for navigation, unlike the real keyboard, from which every stroke could be disguised to steal your online privacy information and identity theft using malwares and spywares that could be used for online identity theft like your email username and passwords.

2) Use the option to clear the browsing data:

Whenever you finish you session in an internet café, then do this without fail. Go to the internet options menu and choose the clear browsing data (as in the case of Google Chrome), clear the following without forgetting like, download history, cache, cookies and data from other site, saved passwords and auto fill options.

3) Never allow the computer to remember your information:

When you visit a number of websites that might require online access via registration, you will require to prevent the computer, which is a shared computer from remembering your personal information and never allow these computers to remember your username and passwords, or leave them without signing out or logging off the system.

4) Never do your online transactions in a cyber cafe:

If you are going to think of online shopping or a purchase like even booking a ticket, never ever do this in an internet café, wherein you will be using your credit card for purchase. Use only if the information is passed on using VeriSign certification. Also avoid online banking in an internet café, unless avoidable and change password for the next time.

5) Always Type The Web Address in the address bar:

When you are using internet cafe, but not excluding your own personal computer or laptop, is best to type the web address and not click on the links, whenever need arises to reveal your personal information or your online identity, then please beware of phishing websites that might cheat you if you click on the links.

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