How about  having a sixth sense to feel the digital world around you, where ever you are or, interacting with your computer  without using the usual devices like mouse, keyboard etc. If you are wondering what does a sixth sense do, imagine dialling a call by pressing on a virtual number pad on your palm or just draw a watch on your arm  to check the time. Still confused….

‘SixthSense’ is a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information and lets us use natural hand gestures to interact with that information. This technology was developed by Mr.Pranav Mistry an MITian and of course an Indian. The new technology will be one great start for a new revolution in the field of communication. The technology is focused on linking the physical world and the digital space. Sixth sense consists of a wearable pendant like device with camera and a projector in cooperated in it. The camera captures the visual image and the projector displays the solution in a more user interactive way.

For instance when the system finds a news in the newspaper it automatically retrieves the video related to the content and displays on the paper itself there by making it possible to view the news rather than reading them. Similarly when you place the flight ticket it displays the current flight schedule and other details regarding your journey. Even the objects are virtual, you can interact with them with your physical actions. Now you can figure out the possibilities of sixth sense technology.

Capturing photo with your hand and then  pinch zoom, edit; knowing more about the book that you have just  selected from the shelf, letting you know the expiry date of the cool drink before you turn it around to see the label, just focus a person to get details about him right on his dress .

Isn’t it interesting to be in such a world of information? The current prototype system costs approximate $350 to build. Now there is something much more interesting, the revolutionary technology is a freeware and the instructions to make the prototype will be made available soon. Thanks to Mr Pranav Mistry.

And if you wanna know the vibrant possibilities of SIXTH SENSE log on to youtube and watch amazing videos of sixth sense technology.

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